1.1.1rc7 (2020-10-18)

  • Drop support for Python 3.5.

  • Setup general update and cleanup.

  • Setup: fix an improper dependencies versions.

  • Fixed docs setup.

1.1.0rc9 (2019-11-13)

  • Requirements upgrade:
    PySide2 to at least 5.13.2
    PyQt5 to at least 5.13.2
  • Setup updates and cleanup.

1.1.0rc7 (2019-10-29)

  • Requirements upgrade:
    PySide2 to at least 5.13.1
    PyQt5 to at least 5.13.1
  • Adding of (for now fake/empty) test case.

  • Setup updates and cleanup.

1.1.0rc2 (2019-08-02)

  • Requirements upgrade:
    QtPy to at least 1.9.0
    PySide2 to at least 5.13.0
    PyQt5 to at least 5.13.0
    This allows to have applications that import PySide2 and PyQt5 at the same time
    (which is possible if both bindings are compiled for the same Qt version).
  • StreamEmitter class added.

1.0.0b5 (2019-06-10)

  • Adding setup extras PySide and PyQt for installing PySide2 or PyQt5 backends.

  • Fix a bug for PySide2 as backend.

  • Adding a monkey-patch for vtk.qt (vtk==8.1.x).

  • Fixes and cleanup of setup.

1.0.0b1 (2019-05-22)

  • First public release.

0.0.1a1 (2012-03-9)

  • Initial version.